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Impressions Vanity Touch Pro Review | 2021

Impressions Vanity Touch Pro Tilted To The Side

The Impressions Vanity Touch Pro is one of the hottest vanity mirror with lights on the market right now, loaded with features for optimal convenience, and an absolutely stunning aesthetic. The team at Vanity Compare has worked with many, many beauty mirrors over the years, and we’re prepared to give our full, in-depth review on this one to see if it truly meets all it is hyped up to be.

For a tabletop vanity mirror roughly 12 inches in height, the price point is definitely above average. It’s apparent right from the get-go that if your primary focus is a tabletop mirror, there are definitely more budget-friendly alternatives on the market that we back. If you’re like me, however, and want the fanciest mirror you can find, stick around while we go over the pros and cons of this market-disrupting beauty mirror.

Impressions Vanity Touch Pro with Sensor
Impressions Vanity Touch Pro with Sensor

What We Love About The Impressions Vanity Touch Pro

The Impressions Vanity Touch LED Makeup Mirror is jam-packed with features, and so there is a lot we love about it.

The first knockout feature that I absolutely love is the USB charger port on the side. I am really bad at keeping my phone charged, especially since I don’t like to plug it in at night, so being able to have it with me charging while I do my makeup in the morning is an absolute game-changer. The port also has a protective UV coating for preventing scratches, which is honestly a considerate feature for those who blindly plug in their charger.

Impressions Vanity Touch Pro Buttons And Ports
Impressions Vanity Touch Pro Buttons And Ports

You’ll notice the mirror has other buttons on the side as well. This leads me into the next incredible feature offered by the Impressions Vanity Touch Pro- Bluetooth microphone & speakers!

The Bluetooth functionality allows for hands-free phone calling, with adjustable speakers on the rear of the mirror and a built-in microphone. For some, this will seem excessive, but there have been many occasions where I was really thankful for this feature. Getting ready to hang out with your friends? Expecting someone? Well, now you can keep doing your makeup while they’re hitting up your phone! You don’t know how badly you need that until you’ve had it- mark my words.

You can also use the speakers for playing music from your phone. I personally don’t, as I have other Bluetooth speakers built for music, but it’s still nice to know that you can!

Impressions Vanity Touch Pro Speakers On The Back
Impressions Vanity Touch Pro Speakers On The Back

While those features are the most unique, there are others definitely worth mentioning. As a vanity mirror with lights, it’s important that the lighting itself is quality. The strips of LED that you see on this scratch-proof mirror emulate natural daylight, giving you a realistic preview of what your makeup is going to look like outside.

The lighting is controlled via a sensor located on the base of the mirror’s surface. By holding the sensor, you can control the brightness of the LED lights, as well as turning them on and off.

Another feature worth mentioning is the adjustable base. I can’t tell you how many mirrors I’ve had in my life that didn’t meet my face level, and so if I didn’t have an adjustable chair, I was screwed. Mirrors like the Impressions Vanity Touch Pro make life a heck of a lot easier by letting you lift it up and down, or even rotating to the side for a wide view!

What We Don’t Love About The Impressions Vanity Touch Pro

This is my least favorite part of the review, but it’s important for you to understand the full picture of what you’re dealing with. The Impressions Vanity Touch Pro has a lot going for it, more than many of the mirrors we work with, but unfortunately, it has its downsides and risks.

The first issue I find with the Impressions Vanity Touch Pro is that the build quality is a bit cheap and flimsy. Mirrors are like wine, where there are some really hot choices if you’re willing to spend the big bucks, but the majority of the options out there are much more budget-friendly. When we pay the big bucks, we want to see strong durability, and unfortunately, we didn’t get that from Impressions.

For most people, the durability won’t necessarily ruin the mirror for you. The largest risk this poses is if it gets dropped, it very well may break. I’m fortunate enough to use mine in my carpeted bedroom, but that’s not the case for everyone, so do keep this in consideration.

The other concern I have is more so from reading others’ opinions on it, both from feedback from acquaintances & reading reviews on Amazon. This pertains to the lifetime of the lights. A handful of people have complained that their lights either stop working after a month or two, or they start to flicker. This has not been an issue for me personally, and I use the mirror a lot. Considering the majority of reviews are positive, it’s safe to say this is a smaller risk, but it’s certainly worth keeping in mind.

Overall Opinion

Overall, there is a lot to be gained from this mirror. It’s not often we see mirrors with as many features as the Impressions Vanity Touch Pro. Touch-sensor lighting and adjustable bases are nothing new, as we find these features in mirrors that cost 1/4 of the price. However, the Bluetooth speakers and microphone are absolute game-changers that make the morning routine that much easier. Hands-free calling while doing my makeup was not something I knew I needed until I bought the Impressions Vanity Touch Pro. And I get this all while charging my phone!

The lights themselves work great, allowing me to test my look before I finish doing my makeup. The daylight emulation is essential, and the adjustable brightness gives me even more control.

It’s an amazing mirror all around and I’ve been sooooo happy with it! I always tell my friends to consider buying one, and now I’m telling you. You won’t regret it!

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