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The 8 Best Magnifying Mirrors

Magnifying Mirror Showing Plants Up Close

The journey towards finding the best magnifying mirror can be stressful with the many options flooding the market. The team at Vanity Compare works with all-things mirror & vanity related, and so we hope our knowledge and expertise can help you navigate through some of the hottest options on the market.

Today we’ll be talking about a range of products, from round magnifying makeup mirrors to lighted magnifying mirrors. Our list of options is meant to be extremely inclusive for people of all different budgets and needs, and so hopefully by the end of this, you’ll have one or more choices in mind for your next magnifying mirror.

Before we get into it, I want to talk about a few key points for those who need a little more guidance. If you already have an idea of what you’re looking for, however, feel free to skip on ahead to where we talk about the mirrors!

Which Magnification Is Right For Me?

This is a question I hear from my friends all the time! Don’t worry if you’re not sure, most people have gone through several mirrors before finding the right one for their needs, so let us save you that trouble! Mirrors are super complicated, for example, a small 10x mirror is very different from a large 10x mirror. Weird, right? So let’s talk about how you can find the right choice for you!

Everyday Use: This can vary drastically by preference, but I strongly prefer mirrors within the 7x to 10x range. If you have a mediocre vision, 8x10x is going to be better. However, the size of the mirror holds some importance here as well, because large 10x mirrors tend to lose quality unless you’re staring directly at the center. None of the options on this list are at risk for that!

Makeup & Shaving: Makeup mirrors can range quite a bit by preference, for example, I use a handheld 15x mirror for eye makeup. For shaving, however, I prefer much smaller magnification, something around 3x to 5x is usually the sweet spot.

Simplehuman Round Mini Travel Sensor Makeup Mirror With 10x Magnification

Highlights: Travel-friendly, Natural Lighting, Face Activated

The Simplehuman Makeup Mirror is my favorite magnifying mirror with lights thanks to the long list of features that come with it. There is nothing I love more than a makeup mirror jam-packed with features. While it’s one of the more pricey options on this list, the Simplehuman Makeup Mirror is well worth it for those who can stretch the budget.

Simplehuman Lighted Magnifying Mirror
Simplehuman Lighted Magnifying Mirror

Thanks to the Tru-Lux lighting system, the Simplehuman Makeup Mirror is able to simulate natural sunlight, allowing you to detect subtle variations in your makeup color. This is by far one of the best advantages of using a magnifying mirror with light as it helps keep your color correct and on point.

The other knock-out feature the Simplehuman Makeup Mirror offers is the sensor for turning the lights on and off. While most mirrors with this feature use a touch-sensor, this lighted magnifying mirror uses your face, so as you approach, the lights turn on. How cool is that? Highly recommend this choice if it’s within your budget. If not, the Koolorbs Magnifying Makeup Mirror listed at #3 is an amazing alternative!

Santoo 15x Magnifying Mirror

Highlights: Handheld, 15x Magnification

The Santoo 15x Magnifying Mirror is by far the best handheld magnifying mirror on the market, offering a beautiful 15x magnification for getting up close and personal with your face! I can’t even begin to tell you just how much I love carrying this one around with me for correcting different issues throughout the day and getting that perfect precision when doing eye makeup.

Santoo Magnifying Mirror
Santoo Magnifying Mirror

The Santoo 15x Magnifying Mirror comes with 3 suction cups on the back for easy mounting if so desired. In the past, I’ve used this on one of my larger Hollywood style vanity mirrors for getting more closeup looks while doing my makeup. If you’re looking for a strong magnifying mirror to use as an additional component for your primary mirror, the suction cups will definitely come in handy.

Being only 6 inches wide, the Santoo 15x Magnifying Mirror is extremely travel-friendly. As I said before, I used to carry this one around with me everywhere I went, and it was a lifesaver! They also offer a version with 20x magnification if you need something stronger.

Koolorbs 10X Magnifying Mirror

Highlights: Budget-friendly, Sensor Light

The Koolorbs Magnifying Makeup Mirror is the best alternative to the Simplehuman Makeup Mirror above, with that same 10x magnification and ring light. For a $20 magnifying mirror with light, you’re not going to find much better, especially given the other cool features involved!

Koolorbs 10x Lighted Magnifying Mirror
Koolorbs 10x Lighted Magnifying Mirror

The 3 color modes offered by the Koolorbs Magnifying Makeup Mirror give you the choice between natural, cool, and warm lighting, which holds many advantages. Like with the last mirror, the ability to compare your makeup in these different lightings will help keep your look spot on & perfect.

The battery-operated lights also shut off on their own after 30-minutes, which is really convenient for the easily-distracted people like me! The Koolorbs Magnifying Makeup Mirror is an amazing tabletop magnifying mirror and I highly recommend giving it a try! You can’t beat the price.

Easehold 1x/2x/5x/10x Mirror

Highlights: Range Of Magnification, Tri-fold Design

The Easehold Makeup Mirror is definitely the most versatile option on this list thanks to the 4 different magnification options! Utilizing their tri-fold design, Easehold has created a budget-friendly yet feature-rich makeup mirror with lights that are perfect for those who need it all at a good cost.

Easehold Lighted Magnifying Mirror
Easehold Lighted Magnifying Mirror

For a magnifying mirror with light, the Easehold Makeup Mirror can reach a level of brightness that can genuinely light up your entire bedroom. It is adjustable, however, so you won’t have to worry about it being overpowering.

The rotation abilities are amazing. I’m such a big fan of rotating tri-fold mirrors, as you may know, if you’ve read our other articles. When you have multiple types of magnification on your mirror, the ability to turn it in any direction helps you reach those hidden places that you can’t normally see. If you want a tabletop magnifying mirror, this one deserves serious consideration!

JiBen Flexible 10X Magnifying Mirror

Highlights: Flexible Wall Mounting

The Jiben Makeup Mirror is the best wall-mounted flexible magnifying mirror with light (under $30) by FAR! I had one of these for years and I cannot tell you enough how much I love using it. While it’s only one of the many great features, the flexible arm is ridiculously convenient for those who’ve never used one!

Jiben Flexible Lighted Magnifying Mirror
Jiben Flexible Lighted Magnifying Mirror

The energy efficiency of the button-activated LED lights offers a great level of brightness. One issue I run into with non-adjustable lights is that they are either too dim or too overpowering, but not the Jiben Makeup Mirror.

The real highlight with this one is that arm paired with the 10x magnification. As you may know, the stronger the magnification, the closer you need to be. I struggle with the placements for all my mirrors and accessories, so being able to pull this one up close as needed is extremely useful.

Conair Single-Sided 8x Magnifying Mirror

Highlights: Powerful Lighting

The Conair Makeup Mirror is a simple yet really beautiful and powerful makeup mirror that I used to use for many years. I’m a really big fan of 8x Magnification and so this mirror, paired with the LED lights, has made applying makeup that much easier.

Conair Single Sided Lighted Magnifying Mirror
Conair Single Sided Lighted Magnifying Mirror

I’m a big Conair fan and I absolutely love the aesthetic of this Chrome-finish LED mirror. The soft halo LED does an incredible job at lighting your face, and the head can tilt back and forth! This single feature is not used in enough mirrors given the impact it can have.

The Conair Makeup Mirror is really simple but powerful. From the look to the lights, you’re getting the essentials with this elegant beauty mirror. Definitely give this one a look!

Raytix Magnifying Mirror

Highlights: Handheld, 20x Magnification

The Raytix Magnifying Mirror is another one of my absolute favorite handheld mirrors for traveling offering up to 20x magnification! As cool as that is, this travel-friendly mirror comes with tweezers and 3 suction cups. Who doesn’t love accessories?!

Raytix Round Magnifying Makeup Mirror
Raytix Round Magnifying Makeup Mirror

While the option we’re featuring is 20x magnification, they offer 1x, 5x, and 10x as well! The Amazon page is the same for each, so definitely do a little research if you think this is the mirror for you! We love the quality of the Raytix Magnifying Mirror with the see-through rim.

The stainless-steel tweezers are perfect for removing small hairs from your face. I was cursed with the family unibrow, so this mirror stood out to me when I didn’t have much money to spare. If that sounds like you, I highly recommend it!

Floxite Dual Sided 1/15X Vanity Mirror

Highlights: Vintage Look, Dual Sided

The Floxite Vanity Mirror is a simple yet elegant dual-sided vanity mirror. I currently have one of these in my home and though I don’t use it regularly, I love the aesthetic of the steel frame. A vanity mirror with both 1x & 15x magnification is highly advantageous, and that’s one of the biggest sellers for me with the Floxite Vanity Mirror.

Floxite Dual Sided Magnifying Makeup Mirror
Floxite Dual Sided Magnifying Makeup Mirror

The quality in the glass is exquisite, with a distortion-free hi-definition magnification offering incredible clarity. A lot of mirrors under $50, such as this one don’t put a ton of time into the glass itself, and I’ve found that it’s pretty dustproof and scratch proof as well. For me personally, this one is more of a “let me check myself as I’m walking out the door” kind of mirror rather than one I’d use at my vanity.

How Do Magnifying Mirrors Work?

Now that we’ve gone through all of our favorites, it’s time to get to the burning questions on everyone’s mind. How do these weird & complicated mirrors work?

Mirrors revolve around the laws of reflection, and magnification makes this piece of science all the more complicated. Using the mirror equation:

1/F = 1/D0 + 1/D1

Where F is the Focal Length & D is the Distance of the image. We find the Focal Length using the magnification equation:

F = H1/H0 + D1/D0

D0 is the distance of your face from the mirror’s center and D1 is the distance of the reflection from the mirror. The H stands for height, where H0 is the height of your face while H1 is the height of your face’s reflection. Pretty confusing, huh? Don’t worry if you don’t understand, the mirrors will still work!


Now that we’ve gone through all of our favorites and learned much more than we needed about magnifying mirrors, you should have all the knowledge required to make an educated purchase! If you do so, we’d love to hear about it in the comments and see how it is working for you. I’ve owned most of these mirrors and hope they bring you as much joy as they’ve brought me.

We’re also open to suggestions! Do you think we’re missing a seriously hot item on this list? Tell us so we can buy it! We will obtain most of the suggested items and give them a try. We’re always looking to expand our options. Good luck!

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