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Top 7 Best LED Vanity Mirrors


If you’re looking for the best LED vanity mirror on the market, then look no further. Here at Vanity Compare we’ve worked with a large catalog of lighted mirrors for all intents and purposes, and have compiled a list of what we believe to be the best mirrors on the market.

When it comes to vanity mirrors, lighting is essential to getting your look right. Quality LED lighting can give you the advantage of testing your get up in both natural and artificial settings, and some of the mirrors we cover offer even more essential features.

We will run you through our list of mirrors and then dive into what makes each one so great. Everyone’s needs and budgets are different, so look through them all to make the most educated decision.

1. AirExpect Makeup Mirror

Highlights: LED Lights w/ Sensor Activated Color Modes, Safety Padding, Tri-fold w/ Rotation

The AirExpect Vanity Mirror is one of my favorite LED vanity mirrors as it’s one of the most well-rounded options on the market at a great price. The diamond padding offers both elegant aesthetics & scratch-resistance for those on the go. When you pair that with the smaller size, you can quickly realize how great of a travel companion this LED mirror can be.

AirExpect Makeup Mirror With Lights
AirExpect Makeup Mirror With Lights

The AirExpect Makeup Mirror features 72 LED lightbulbs around the central mirror, offering superior lighting over comparable products. I’ve had situations where I’m working in a poorly lit room, and the level of brightness I get from this mirror is exquisite. To sweeten the pot, they also feature a touch-activated sensor for controlling the color modes of the lights. This helps you compare your look in natural vs. artificial settings.

The left fold offers different magnification options, which is a common theme you’ll find on this list.

When doing your makeup, angles are everything, right? The tri-fold design of the AirExpect Makeup Mirror paired with the 90-degree rotation will leave no stone unturned. Need to get under your chin? Spin it around & angle one of the side mirrors!

For such an affordable makeup mirror, it has more than just the essentials, and that’s why we have it sitting at #1. There are definitely better options on this list, but they’ll cost you a little more than this beauty.

2. Bestope Makeup Mirror

Highlights: Touch-Sensor Adjustable Brightness, 1x – 3x Magnification, 180-Degree Rotation

An even more affordable option is the Bestope Makeup Mirror. Though it has fewer lights than the above option, the level of brightness this mirror is capable of can light up even the darkest of rooms. With the power of your finger, you’ll be able to hold down the touch sensor to increase the brightness of the 21 LEDs this mirror provides.

Bestope Makeup Mirror With 21 LED Lights
Bestope Makeup Mirror With 21 LED Lights

The Bestope Makeup Mirror has the option of being cordless, thanks to the battery compatibilities. For those who don’t like to stress about batteries, the package includes a USB cable for plug-in use.

The left side of the tri-fold features both a 2x magnification & 3x magnification mirror, allowing you to see your face close-up in great detail. The adjustable lights work perfectly without glaring, an issue I’ve seen in some cheaper tri-fold mirrors.

The last feature I want to touch upon is the detachable design. For those on the go, this feature is essential, as you’ll be able to remove the base/stand for packing up the mirror. The folding side mirrors will protect all 3 surfaces from scratching damage.

There’s no doubt that the Bestope Makeup Mirror has every essential feature you’ll need. It’s a great choice for those on a budget.

3. Impressions Touch Pro

Highlights: USB Charger, Adjustable Stand, Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Impressions Touch Pro is one of the most feature-rich premium LED vanity mirrors on the market. While a bit of a price jump from the last two options (a little over $100), this LED vanity mirror is has everything you need… and some!

Impressions Touch Pro Bluetooth LED Mirror
Impressions Touch Pro Bluetooth LED Mirror

The first convenient feature offered by the Impressions Touch Pro is the USB charging capabilities. There is nothing better than charging your phone while getting ready. However, the next feature I’m going to mention takes that to a whole new level…

The Impressions Touch Pro offers Bluetooth a speaker & a microphone for hands-free calling. I definitely find this feature to be a bit over the top, and yet I love it at the same time. Until you’ve had it, you can never truly understand just how much easier it can make your life.

Another cool feature I enjoy is the adjustable stand. It’s a subtle yet effective component for a vanity mirror, especially if your seat is not adjustable.

If you’re looking for a more premium option, definitely give the Impressions Touch Pro one some consideration.

4. Conair Reflections Lighted Mirror

Highlights: Three-way mirror, Fog/Glare-Free, Multi-magnification / Light Settings

The Conair Reflections Mirror is a simple yet effective tabletop LED vanity mirror. The rounded design is a classic look for ring light mirrors, and the quality in the design is impeccable.

Conair 3-Way Touch Control Mirror
Conair 3-Way Touch Control Mirror

Like other options on this list, the lighting is adjustable, with 3 core modes. The Conair Mirror is also adjustable up to 360-degrees so you can go from standard viewing to 8x magnification.

You’ll also be pleased to hear that the mirror itself is both fog-free and glare-free, which eliminates a serious cause of frustration. I can’t tell you how many mirrors I’ve worked within this price range that get disgusting if I leave them in the bathroom.

If you’re looking for a high-quality rounded LED vanity mirror, definitely give this one some considerations.

5. Koolorbs Makeup Mirror

Highlights: Three Magnification Settings, Tri-Fold Design, Lighted

The Koolorbs Makeup Mirror is a visually appealing tri-fold vanity mirror with lights at an affordable price. I just recently tried this one out for the first time and must say I’m pretty impressed. I already figured I would be considering the Amazon ratings (and the quantity of the ratings).

Koolorbs Lighted Makeup Mirror With Woman's Face In Mirror
Koolorbs Lighted Makeup Mirror With Woman’s Face In Mirror

The light changing functionality allows you to test the “less makeup” look in a cooler light or the more heavy look in warm lights. The tri-fold offers the essential 2x/3x mirrors on the left fold, with the option to rotate for better angle viewing.

I found that the Koolorbs Makeup Mirror works better with the USB cable, but it does offer battery powering as well. This can be great if you’re like me and hate extra cords running around.

It’s a great mirror and looks beautiful on any vanity thanks to the rose gold color. We definitely recommend checking it out.

6. iHome Adjustable Vanity Mirror

Highlights: Bluetooth Audio, USB Charging, Flat LED Lighting

The iHome Reflect LED Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth audio is one of the best Bluetooth LED vanity mirrors on the market right now. What separates this mirror from others on the list is the number of luxury features that are built-in.

iHome Reflect LED Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth audio
iHome Reflect LED Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth audio

The iHome Reflect is popular for its electronic capabilities, from charging your phone to modifying the mirror settings. Like many others on this list, you’ll have full modification capabilities for both low and high light settings.

The Bluetooth options on the iHome Reflect allow you to interact with your cell phone hands-free. This includes both phone calls and the virtual assistants offered by Google & Apple (Siri). Just like the Impressions Vanity Touch Pro we mentioned before, this LED vanity mirror is essential for those who want maximum convenience, no matter the cost.

7. Funtouch LED Vanity Mirror

Highlights: 10x Magnification, 360-Degree Rotation, Touch Sensor Light Adjustment

The Funtouch Vanity Mirror is one of my all-time favorite LED vanity mirrors. Offering 35 LED lights, there’s no doubt you’ll get a high-quality level of brightness out of it. The materials used to make this mirror offer a sense of durability that not every mirror on this list can stand up to.

FunTouch LED Vanity Mirror With Touch Sensor
FunTouch LED Vanity Mirror With Touch Sensor

The first feature I enjoy is the touch sensor for light adjustment. The lighting is powerful enough to work in even the poorest conditions and can be adjusted if it’s too bright for your eyes. You’ll also be able to adjust the yellow/white lighting for testing your look in both natural & artificial conditions

Another great feature in the Funtouch Vanity Mirror is the detached 10x magnification mirror. This allows you to keep your main mirror as is while only using the magnification as needed. With 10x capabilities, you’ll never miss a single detail.

If you want a well-rounded & high quality LED vanity mirror, this one might just be for you.

Picking An LED Vanity Mirror

When there are a lot of great options on the market, it can definitely feel overwhelming. What if you make the wrong choice? Unlike Hollywood vanity mirrors, LED’s aren’t easy to replace, and it can be a serious challenge to fix broken vanity lights. This all comes back to the quality of the product.

Fortunately for you, the Vanity Compare team has worked with so many lighted mirrors, from big brands like Impressions to small companies you’ve never even heard of. The last thing we want to do is recommend a poorly made product that’s going to break on you.

When comparing the options we’ve listed for you today, it comes down to what features matter the most to you. If you’re willing to stretch your budget for Bluetooth or charging capabilities, all the power to you. But rest assured that the affordable options on here are still excellent LED vanity mirrors.

I hope you were able to find the best LED vanity mirror for your needs. If not, let us know, we’re always looking for feedback! We want to help you on the journey towards your next great mirror.

Let us know in the comments if you purchased a mirror off of this list, and how it’s working out for you! Good luck!

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