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The 7 Best Wall Mounted Makeup Mirrors

Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Above Sink

Finding the best wall mounted makeup mirror can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for. We’ve tried most mirrors on the market, both popular and new brands, and have an in-depth knowledge of what qualifies as a great mirror.

Wall-mounted mirrors come in all different shapes and sizes, offering a wide range of advantages. Whether you’re looking for a 10x magnifying mirror or an led makeup mirror, our list will offer our favorite choices from those categories.

Continue on to see our top 7 choices for the best wall mounted makeup mirrors on the market.

1. Chende Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Highlights: Adjustable lights, Plug outlet, Large

The Chende Vanity Mirror is my personal favorite wall mounted makeup mirror, which is why I have it listed as number one. The quality and size of this mirror make my life so much easier, and it looks stunning.

Chende Hollywood Vanity Mirror With Lights
Chende Hollywood Vanity Mirror With Lights

The Chende Vanity Mirror comes with easy-to-replace lights, with a powerful level of brightness. The right side of the mirror has a dial for adjusting the brightness that works flawlessly.

This mirror has both tabletop and wall-mounting capabilities, so you can sit it on your vanity if you’d prefer. It is pretty heavy, so make sure you have a wall or table that can support the weight.

My favorite feature, however, is the plug outlet located on the left side of this mirror. I can do makeup, blow my hair, and charge my phone without ever leaving my chair! You can’t believe how convenient this is until you try it. This mirror was also our choice for the best vanity mirror with lights!

2. Ovente Wall Mounted Double Sided Mirror

Highlights: Swivel mounted, Double sided

The Ovente Vanity Mirror is another feature-rich mirror that I’ve been using for years. If you’re looking for a smaller wall-mounted mirror, this might just be the best choice for you.

Ovente Wall Mounted Mirror
Ovente Wall Mounted Mirror

My first favorite feature is the swivel arm. That’s not the most unique feature, but should definitely be a requirement on everyone’s list for a mirror of this size.

The Ovente Vanity Mirror also features a powerful LED light that lasts for a competitive amount of time. I’ve had this mirror for a long while and haven’t had a single issue with my lighting. The authenticity of this natural white light is astounding.

Another awesome feature is the 360-rotation with a 10x magnified mirror on the backside! I personally use this next to my Chende mirror primarily for that feature.

The Ovente Vanity Mirror is a leading example of smaller wall-mounted vanity mirrors with lights, and I couldn’t say enough good things.

3. Jerdon Swivel Wall Mounted Mirror

Highlights: 5x Magnification, Swivel mounted

The Jerdon Vanity Mirror is another great wall-mounted mirror with an extendable swivel arm. The quality and durability make up for the lack of features.

Jerdon Side Swivel Wall Mounted Mirror
Jerdon Side Swivel Wall Mounted Mirror

The Jerdon Vanity Mirror has one of the best swivel arms on this list, with incredible flexibility, and extends as far as 30 inches out. The arm can rotate 360-degrees and is built incredibly well. I tried my hardest to get it to break, but it stays firm.

The mirror itself uses 5x magnification, which is a really nice balance between the usual 1x and 10x we find on mirrors like this. It’s definitely a quality makeup mirror and I would recommend it to anyone.

4. Melur Lighted Vanity Mirror

Highlights: Lighted, Hollywood Style

The Melur Vanity Mirror is another large Hollywood style vanity mirror with lights. If you’re looking for something full-sized that may also be used as a tabletop mirror, then this is an affordable alternative to the Chende Vanity Mirror up above.

Melur Lighted Vanity Mirror With LED Lights
Melur Lighted Vanity Mirror With LED Lights

Boasting 14 full-sized light bulbs, the Melur Vanity Mirror can offer you high-quality brightness with 3 separate color modes. This flexibility allows you to test your look in both natural and artificial settings, which is essential for both personal and professional use.

Another notable feature about the Melur Vanity Mirror is that the light bulbs offer a 50,000-hour lifespan … that’s over five years of being on all day long! They also offer 2 replacement bulbs in the event of defects.

Did I mention the lights are controlled by a touch sensor? That adds a little pizazz to this mirror that pulls it all together. Definitely recommend this one!

5. Alhakin Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror

Highlights: 10x Magnification, Swivel mounted

The Alhakin Makeup Mirror is a 10x magnifying mirror that we absolutely love. This mirror may not be the most versatile, but if you’re like me and want a stand-alone magnified mirror, then this one is a great choice.

Alhakin Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror With 10x Magnification
Alhakin Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror With 10x Magnification

A lot of people when shopping for magnified mirrors already have a 1x vanity mirror. This was the case for me years ago and so I ended up purchasing this one as my second addition.

The Alhakin Makeup Mirror uses a 1-foot swivel arm with 180-degree rotation. It works great if mounted next to your primary vanity mirror. The level of detail you can spot with absolute clarity is incredible. I also never had issues with scratching or dust.

If you’re looking for the best wall mounted makeup mirror with 10x magnification, look no further.

6. Amelar LED Vanity Mirror

Highlights: Swivel mounted, Lighted, Touch Screen

The Amelar Vanity Mirror is a more high-end rounded LED Vanity Mirror that offers incredible lighting. This 8-inch mirror offers both 1x and 10x magnification as a double-sided mirror with complete rotation.

Amelar Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror With Adjustable LED light
Amelar Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror With Adjustable LED light

The most unique feature about the Amelar Vanity Mirror is the touch sensor for light adjustment. The sensor is responsible for turning the light on and off, and if you hold down, it will adjust the brightness. At its maximum setting, you’ll find the most authentic natural lighting.

The 360-degree swivel arm has incredible flexibility allowing you to place this mirror almost anywhere without worry. The durability of both the mounting plate and material used to offer a sense of confidence in the product.

If you’re looking for a more high-quality wall mounted makeup mirror, definitely give this one a look. Check here for more great LED vanity mirrors.

7. Zephbra LED Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror

Highlights: LED Light, USB charged

Last but certainly not least is the Zephbra Makeup Mirror, another wall mounted vanity mirror that is very feature-rich. This one is powered by a USB charger, so no more batteries!

Zephbra LED Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror With USB Charger
Zephbra LED Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror With USB Charger

If you want a rounded wall mounted makeup mirror with all the great features, this mirror is likely the one for you.

The first notable feature we have to touch upon is USB charging. There is nothing more annoying than having to stock up on batteries just to avoid going to the store with a half-face of makeup. This wall mounted makeup mirror dodges that issue with its plug charger.

Like others on the list, it uses touch sensor light controls for dimming and mode changing. The lights work incredibly well and I find it to be an amazing LED Vanity Mirror. The friends of mine who use this mirror have only said positive things without any issues. If you want an LED-powered wall mounted makeup mirror, give this one a shot!

Mounting Makeup Mirrors

Before investing in a wall mounted makeup mirror, it’s always a good idea to do your research. Some of the mirrors on this list are really heavy, and not every wall can support them.

My first apartment had really cheap walls, and I would’ve ripped them to shreds if I hung my Chende Vanity Mirror on them. I was disappointed to have to use it as a tabletop mirror until I found a new apartment.

It’s also highly recommended to use the internet as your guide. I’ve used this article on How To Hang A Wall Mirror to ensure I’m doing it right. It’s easy to make a mistake and the costs can be detrimental.

Hopefully, you were able to find the best choice for your next wall mounted makeup mirror purchase. We’ve reviewed a ton of different options on the market for both personal and professional uses. The options we’ve laid out for you offer incredible quality and durability.

We’re always looking for feedback. Do you disagree with one of our choices, or think we’re missing something? We always try different products suggested to us, so let us know!

If you end up making a purchase from this list, let us know in the comments below how it’s working for you! Good luck!

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